A brewery that
continues to
brew authentic
flavors by hand

  1. Manufactured with 100% domestic raw materials, mainly from Nagano Prefecture.
  2. Manufactured by natural brewing without heating.
  3. Preserving traditional handmade methods.


Brewery that continues to brew by hand

Koujiya Hondo Brewery which was established in 1869 and is surrounded by the rich nature of Shinshu, continues to carefully protect the manufacturing method from the time of its founding, which is hand-made from kouji. We make miso with great care. No matter how the times change, we want to protect the wisdom and technology we inherited and pass them on to future generations. Rather than seeking efficiency, we want to take responsibility for creating things with our own hands where possible. We continue to pursue the "genuine" taste with natural brewing that takes advantage of the land's climate, with a focus on hand-made wooden barrels. We want to deliver true deliciousness and original taste. We use 100% domestic raw materials.

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Thoughts on the logo

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The central character "Hon" has two meanings.The first "Hon" is the name of the founder, Aiji Hondo.The second "Hon" is the pride and commitment to being "genuine". At our brewery, where everything from kouji to miso is made by hand, it is a manifestation of our ambition to continue to brew authentic tastes. "Skills" inherited from our predecessors are irreplaceable assets. The circle that surrounds it is based on the motif of a large 5-ton "wooden bucket" that our brewery continues to use. We continue to use wooden barrels that are unsuitable for mass production and difficult to manage. This is because we want to deliver the mellowness and original taste of miso that can only be produced in wooden barrels. No matter how the times change, this logo represents our desire to protect the traditional manufacturing method and authentic taste.


It is a little known fact that Shinshu miso accounts for over 50% of the miso produced nationwide. Nagano Prefecture, where the culture of preserved foods has developed since ancient times as a way to endure the long and harsh winters, has achieved this feat. But why has Shinshu miso alone become so widespread? One of the contributing factors is the transformation of the industries that supported the prefecture.

With a climate characterized by low annual precipitation, Nagano Prefecture was well-suited for cultivating mulberry trees, which serve as food for silkworms. This made the prefecture ideal for sericulture, and the silk production industry prospered from the early Meiji period. However, as time passed, the silk industry declined. The inland climate with low humidity and significant daily and yearly temperature variations was suitable for cultivating soybeans and rice. As a result, more and more companies shifted their focus to miso production using soybeans and rice as the primary ingredients.

Due to its snowy environment, the culture of making miso on a small scale had taken root. Many silk factories, which had historically brewed miso for their employee's consumption, managed to transition relatively smoothly into miso production, despite being in a different industry altogether. Later, during the wartime national strategy, Nagano Prefecture took on the responsibility of producing miso for shipment to the Kanto region. Successfully meeting the supply demands greatly contributed to expanding its market, and post-war, Nagano Prefecture became a major producer of miso. Presently, the top three producers of miso in the country are all prominent miso manufacturers headquartered within the prefecture, a testament to its remarkable journey.

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Nurtured in the rich nature of Shinshu
We deliver homemade taste

While the times are changing, fermented foods have been loved since ancient times as a soul food that has supported the Japanese health and diet. Keeping to tradition, we have been thinking that we would like to deliver a comforting taste because it is familiar in our daily life. In this land of Shinshu, which is rich in nature, we carefully create products that will please customers with the techniques we have inherited from our predecessors and our own beliefs and thoughts.


  • 1869

    The founder, Aiji Hondo, founded the malted rice brewing company,
    Hondo Koujiya, in Kokumachi, Suzaka City.
    The production and sales of miso and soy sauce was started in the late Meiji period.

  • 1961

    3rd generation Morinobu Hondo established Koujiya Hondo Brewery Co., Ltd.

  • 1967

    The factort was relocated to Nobe(Muraishimachi), Suzaka City

  • 1993

    Hirofumi Hondo, 4th generation, assumed the position of president.

  • 1999

    Incorporating the architectural style of the Meiji era, a store and
    office with a multipurpose hall on the second floor was completed.

About the 4th
Hirofumi Hondo

After graduating from Tokyo University of Agriculture brewing department, he joined the family business "Koujiya Hondo Brewery".In 1993, he was appointed as the company's 4th president.In 1999, he acquired a "first-class miso manufacturing technician licence". He received the Governor's Award for First Class Miso Production (1st Place) at the Nagano Prefectural Skills Competition.
Received the "Excellent Technician Award" many times at the National Miso Appraisal.In 2018, he received the "Excellent Technician Award (Shinshu Miso Master Craftsman)" from the "Nagano Prefectural Miso Federation".
Certified as "Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Monozukuri Meister (Miso Production)" In 2019, he received the "Japan Brewing Association Brewing Skills Award"


  • 2017

    The 67th Nagano Prefecture M Miso Competition Nagano Prefectural Governor Award Excellence Award

  • 2018

    The 68th Nagano Prefecture Miso Competition Nagano Prefectural Governor Award Excellence Award

  • 2019

    The 69th Nagano Prefecture Miso Competition Nagano Prefectural Governor Award Excellence Award

    The 62nd National Miso Appraisal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Food Industry Bureau Director's Award

    The 2nd Nagano Amazake Appraisal Nagano Prefectural Governor Award

Koujiya Hondo Brewery
Co., Ltd.

1366 Nobe Muraishimachi,
Suzaka City, Nagano Prefecture

tel.026-245-0456 fax.026-251-2411

Weekdays 9:00-18:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9:00-17:00